DevOps | Systems Engineer

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My name is Rubens Franco and I'm a portuguese DevOps / Systems Engineer based in Valencia, Spain.

I'm experienced in working with development pipelines, public couds like AWS or Azure, and several automation and configuration management tools mostly in web platforms.
I fully understand the melding of operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers, and the needs for Continuous Integration and Deployment.

I'm a GNU/Linux lover and a Internet Privacy defender against global mass surveillance. I firmly believe in Freedom and Open Source Software 🌱.

I currently work as a Senior Systems Engineer | DevOps at and I'm also co-founder of a tiny digital publisher.

I invite you to check my Linkedin profile for a closer look into my professional path and contact me from there if you wish so. You can also see my code on GitHub and catch me on Twitter.

GPG Public Key: 6EBE 92F3 4A11 BA87 A860 8A69 0863 1B28 21E2 B754